Summer Educational Event- 3 Type I Face-to-Face Credit Hours

Summer Education Chapter event. This event is open to all those in Healthcare Administration interested in these topics and in professional networking (both members and non-members of ACHE).

Army Residence Community- Auditorium – Lakeside  

7400 Crestway Dr, San Antonio, TX 78239

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM               Registration / Networking / Lunch

1:00 PM – 1:15 PM              Welcome & Introductions

1:00 PM – 2:45 PM   Diversity in Healthcare Management  (*ACHE Face to Face Education Credits 1.5 hours)

Moderator: Leni Kirkman, Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications & Patient Relations, University Health System
Panelist: Travis Krug, Director of Human Resourses/ Strategy, Christus Santa Rosa
Panelist: Theresa Scepanski, Senior Vice President/ Chief Administrative Officer Organizational  Development,  University Health System


Ann Winn, RN FACHE, Chief Nursing Officer, Northeast Methodist Hospital

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM   Leading a Successful Multigenerational Organization   (*ACHE Face to Face Education Credits 1.5 hrs)

Moderator: Mary Ann Weidner, Director of Quality, University Health System
Panelist: JP Bartonico, Chief Operations Officer, Methodist Healthcare System
Panelist: Jonathan Larson, MD, MBA, Founder & CEO, Medspoke Inc.
Panelist: Christopher Bowe, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer, Christus Santa Rosa- Westover Hills


(No Refunds or Cancellations after 6/10/2017)

May 5 – May 21         May 22- June 5        June 6 – June 15

Member                                 $55                         $60                         $65

Nonmember                         $70                         $75                         $80

Student                                  $30                         $35                         $40

Contact for Information/Cancellations

Mary Anne Weidner, MHA:

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Spring Educational Event- 3 Type I Face-to-Face Credit Hours

This event is open to all those in Healthcare Administration interested in these topics and in professional networking (both members and non-members of ACHE).


11:30AM – 1:00PM: Registration / Networking / Lunch

1:00PM – 1:15PM: Welcome & Introductions

Event Topics:

1:00PM – 2:45PM: The Impact of the ACA: How Readmission Penalties Will Affect the Healthcare Executive’s Mission (See #64 for description)- 1.5 type I face-to-face credits.

  • MODERATOR: M. Hunter Perry, MHA/ED, NHCE-C: Regional Director, Transitional Care Management
  • PANELIST: Kenyatta Lee, MD: Chief Quality Officer, University of Texas San Antonio
  • PANELIST: Dana Kellis, MD, PhD, MBA: Regional Chief Medical Officer, Baptist Health System

3:00PM – 4:00PM: Aligning Evidence-Based Design and Evidence-Based Medicine to Design a More Efficient and Higher Quality Patient-Centered Healthcare Delivery Model (see #67 for description)- 1.5 type I face-to-face credits,

  • MODERATOR: Michelle Ingram, RN: Vice President/Chief Quality Officer, University Healthcare System
  • PANELIST: Emily Volk, MD, MBAFCAP: Chief Quality Officer, Baptist Healthcare System
  • PANELIST: Roxanne Rosa, MHA, FACHE: Executive Director, Call Center, Referral Management, Ambulatory Services
  • PANELIST: Mary Ann Ursua Wilkins, FACHE: Director of Family Practice, CHRISTUS

4:00 – 4:30PM: Questions / Closing Remarks

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REGISTRATION FEES** This event was previously scheduled on April 28– see Eventbrite for up-to-date pricing**

March 22-April 3  //  April 4-April 14  // April 15-April 28

Member $55 // $60  // $65

Nonmember $70  // $75  // $80

Student $30  // $35  // $40

Contact for Information/Cancellations:

Mary Anne Weidner, MHA

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President’s Blog: Communication for Change

November 9, 2016: Well, that was quite an election cycle with shocking results for many.  So, where do we go from here?  How do we take what has been a divisive environment and unify a country to set sights on a clear vision for the future?  Or can we?  Are we talking transformation here or will it be business as usual? [Read the entire blog post here]

President’s Blog Post: VIP Health Care

I read an article recently entitled, “VIP Syndrome can be a risk in caring for stars.”  It talked about the death of Prince and Michael Jackson, and how special medical care put them in a position to depend on treatment that was considered outside the standard of care and dangerous.  Most had to do with the treatment of pain, but it mostly concerned the prescribing and delivery of pain medication such as fentanyl, and the anesthetic propofol, used in Michael Jackson’s case to ease his pain and help him sleep. [Read the full blog post here]

President’s Blog Post: Diversity and Inclusion

Today, I sat through a webinar on Diversity and Inclusion.  There were two chapters that touted their successes in this area of health care.  If you haven’t heard or read, there are two new communities in the ACHE forum.  They are the Asian and LGBT communities.  At first I read that membership had to join one of these communities.  I inquired and ACHE Corporate said that it wasn’t a requirement… [Read the full blog post here]