Member Survey Coming May 8!

On May 8, ACHE will launch the annual Chapter Member Needs Survey which provides necessary feedback on the programs and services ACHE Chapters provide, and provide the individual chapter result with respect to Member Satisfaction that will be used to determine if the chapter meets or exceeds the 4.1 out of 5.0 “Level of Member Satisfaction” Chapter Award Standard.

This survey is sent out via personalized emails containing links to our survey provider’s website. Please be aware that the survey link is specific to the member; the survey link cannot be forwarded to other individuals. It will be sent to all members who can receive emails from us if they have been a member of the chapter for at least a year. Reminder emails are scheduled for May 15 and May 22. Data collection will close on May 26.

In the last few years, we have had some issues with organizations whose security software blocks their staff from receiving our survey emails. We are asking for your help with the following to try to prevent such a situation from affecting the results for your chapter.

We are alerting you to this issue so that you can help if the situation arises in your area. Specifically:

  • Please check your spam consoles first if you do not receive the survey email. We have noticed that when our survey emails are blocked by other organizations, the email is often found in the organization’s spam console.
  • If we are notified quickly that members with business emails at a particular organization aren’t getting the survey, we can address the situation in a timely way.
  • Contact the Chapter President, Lynn Downs, if there are any issues: